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Digital Transformation

We want to enable our customers to have a new digital interaction platform Digital transformation affects all types of business, from startups to small and midsize businesses to global enterprises. Organization will have to embracing digital transformation to modernize their core systems to accelerate innovation, run the business without worrying about risks and also deliver design-led experiences that deliver value to customers.

Drive continuous improvement by integrating digitalization. Cohesive solutions for complex challenges, combining digital with physical to transform organizations.

Orchestrator provides the critical processing capability for JD Edwards applications to provide, consume and process data from devices and other software interfaces. JD Edwards customers benefit by eliminating costly and error-prone manual processes, by reacting to or avoiding business disruptions in real-time, and by analyzing historical data for continuous process improvement.

Inernet of Things
Internet of Things, where your machines, along with your people and processes, are all connected enabling solutions that were not possible before and simplifying how M2M information is collected and acted upon in the context of an organization's business process. The automated, continuous, and real-time input from automated devices is prefiltered and mapped to transactions by the JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator to support improved analytics and decision-making by the business, As a result companies derive better business value from their data.

Mobile Platform
JD Edwards mobile platform simplifies enterprise mobility and enable the mobile workforce to accelerate business execution on their device of choice. Customers can use Oracle Mobile Application Framework to develop new and extend out-of-the-box JD Edwards mobile enterprise applications for iOS and Android devices.

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